Kashmere Stage BandKashmere Stage BandKashmere Stage Band

Kashmere Stage Band
Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974
The definitive double-disc anthology

Not your average High School Band

In the mid ’60s through the ’70s, many high school music directors formed “stage bands” that would compete against other school bands and occasionally perform for their fellow students. These bands usually jazzed up popular rock songs of the day with mixed results, usually bland and squeaky. This is not the case with the Kashmere Stage Band from Kashmere High School in Houston. The KSB was considered by some to be not only the nation’s best stage band, but one of the best funk bands, period.

Conrad Johnson, the school’s band master, formed the Band in the late 60’s with some of his very best students. Soon the band became a national phenomenon and an almost unbeatable force at competitions. Between 1968 and 1978, KSB recorded eight studio albums that were largely forgotten but thankfully rediscovered by DJs, sample artists and hip hop producers.

Vinyl copies of the Kashmere Stage Band are highly collectible and do not come cheap, but you are now in luck as a 2 CD compilation has just been released on Now-Again Records. Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974 is a must have for any fan of full throttle, soul shaking funk!