Amy RuppelIf you want to buy a piece of art from Amy during one of her many online sales, you better act fast because her paintings go fast. I say paintings but they are actually made of paper, oils and a beeswax/resin mixture applied to wood.

Amy Ruppel was born and raised in rural Wisconsin, where she was left mostly to her own imagination, always dragging a stack of paper and a slew of pencils and crayons to her fort in the woods. Color and shape have always intrigued her, and to this day, is still searching for that perfect oval, that perfect orange-yellow and grassy green.

Amy is fascinated by sweet little birds. She says “They’re a little bundle of wonder to me, so I like to place them in curious situations and environments, and have fun with color and flora at the same time. They bring a splash of joy to a room – it’s just my way of adding a little happiness to everyday life.”