Luxuria MusicIf you enjoy collecting and/or listening to oddball thrift store records from decades past, then Luxuria Music is a must have link.

Broadcasting from Los Angeles, Luxuria Music’s programming is an amazing mix of music content not found anywhere else. The online streaming station features an intoxicating and often hallucinatory blend of musical genres, featuring Exotica, Lounge, Space Age Bachelor Pad, Bossa, Bollywood, Bubblegum, Soft-Psych, Go-Go, Latin Jazz, Sophisticated Rock and Surf music.

The LuxuriaMusic radio format was developed by Chuck Kelley (music consultant on “Pulp Fiction” and “From Dusk till Dawn”) and The Millionaire (from Combustible Edison) in late 1999 and broadcast it’s first show in February 2000. The DJ staff is made up of dedicated volunteers and music lovers from around the world with some seriously cool record collections.

You’ll hear familiar artist’s from the genre such as Esquivel and Martin Denny but what’s even better is the huge selection of strange unknown songs that have been sitting in a basement somewhere, waiting patiently for someone to invent the internet so they could finally be heard and given the respect they deserve.

Listen while you work, and as you hallucinate tiki idols jumping over rainbows the day will just fly by!