The Sugar SyndicateBirthday CakeOkay, full disclosure on this entry… The Sugar Syndicate is my wife’s pastry company. So, yes, I obviously have an extra interest in her success, BUT I feel confident in calling this a Fooey Favorite because she is an amazing pastry chef who keeps the Fooey sweet tooth happy.

Cathay started her professional pastry career in 2002 after graduating from the prestigious French Pastry School where she had the privilege of studying under Master Chefs Jacquy Pfeiffer and Sebastien Canonne. While working at Chicago’s Hotel Sofitel she met Chef Dimitri Fayard and subsequently spent four years as Sous Chef for Dimitri and his wife, Chef Keli Fayard, when they opened their own French Pastry shop. Cathay decided to fulfill her dream and started The Sugar Syndicate in late 2006.

The Sugar Syndicate specializes in custom cakes and miniature pastries. She combines sumptuous pastry made with fresh, high quality ingredients and hand-crafted decorations for a truly personal creation for every occasion.

The Sugar Syndicate has joined forces – SweetCollective