Spike Press - WrensIllustrator, designer, nice guy, poster genius

You should recognize John’s name from the super awesome posters he designed exclusively for Fooey. We are huge fans of John’s amazing hand silk screened posters. He produces his mostly rock related posters under the name of Spike Press and I suggest you go there now and buy one of each. Then come back and buy his exclusive signed and numbered Fooey posters while they last!

John, what do you have to say for yourself…

“I can’t really point to some clouds-parting-shaft-of-heavenly-light moment. I started drawing as a kid and my 5 older siblings were a big influence – I grew up with stacks of Mad Magazine and National Lampoon (back when both were actually funny) and also, this was back in the 70s when DIY artsy-craftsy stuff became popular – ceramics, jewelry-making, crochet, macrame, etc. Both of my brothers also had notebooks full of drawings of planes and war scenes (my father was a career Air Force officer before retiring), so I was always surrounded by creativity. Illustration is pretty much the only thing I ever wanted to do, aside from a few brief flirtations with oceanography, motorcycle stunt riding, and exotic dancing.”

John Solimine - Spike Press“I went to the University of Cincinnati’s Design, Art, Architecture and Planning college, which taught me a lot about graphic design and illustration, but I didn’t start screen printing until much later, so I guess I’m somewhere between self-taught and art school.”

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