I was lucky enough to start music lessons in second grade. First on violin and then piano lessons. Sure it felt like torture at the time but I can not thank my mom enough for making me stick with it. Like many teenage boys, I eventually I picked up the guitar and punished my parents for creating an amateur musician. I played in bands for the next 20 years and have some amazing memories because of it.

So parents, get your kid those drums, and buy yourself some aspirin! It’s worth it. Music is a great learning experience that also happens to be incredibly liberating and fun.

Los Gauchos
Check these kids from Argentina rocking out some Iron Maiden. You’ve got to love the little sister in this clip. Here’s an interview in Esquire about Los Gauchos.

Johnny R. – Waiting for the Sun
This 8 year old plays in an all kid band called “The Bolts.” He performs the Jayhawks’ song Waiting for the Sun with a sweetness no adult could reproduce.

El Cumbanchero
This family can really pick some blue grass. Any good jamming clip featuring kids should start with a few “wait wait” moments like this one.

Japanese Battle of the Kid Bands
After watching this clip I decided I needed to move to Japan ASAP! The full length version can be viewed here and it’s worth it. These kids RULE!

Don’t Stop Believin’
If this clip doesn’t make your day you need to see a doctor. Not technically an entirely kid band but the singer is 7 and the guitar player is 9!

And Finally…
I love these two clips. While they are not kid bands, these kids still rock. Come, on, what is more awesome than a kid in a car seat singing Van Halen or two tiny ninjas rocking out to Pavement?