Mr. Rogers“Alright Rogers, you’ve got the floor.”

Growing up I never missed Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. I could watch the guy feed his fish and do crafts all day. His gentle demeanor had such a soothing and welcoming affect on me I was often found talking to my friend Fred Rogers through the TV.

I could go on and on about how great this man was but I think this clip from 1969 of Mr. Rogers addressing a US senate subcommittee concerning significant purposed cuts in funding for PBS will sum it up. The chairman, John Pastore, was not familiar with Mr. Rogers’ show and did not seem particularly anxious to hear from him. However, after 6 short minutes of quite yet passionate testimony, Mr. Pastore fell under his spell and I’m sure he understood why a 5 year old boy would talk to the TV when Fred Rogers was on it.

It’s worth watching this clip all the way to the end.