Blue Flash Homemade Roller CoasterYeah, I said HOMEMADE roller coaster

OK, what? A homemade roller coaster? Yes, and I’ve ridden it!

Built by Indiana resident John Ivers in his spare time out of scrap metal, the Blue Flash is one of the world’s only homemade private coasters and as far as I know the only one to include a loop.

Claiming he was tired of waiting in line at amusement parks, Mr. Ivers decided the most logical solution was to build his own ride. An obvious solution, right? John is as easy going as they come and barely seems phased by the endless parade of riders from all over the world who come to rural Indiana to ride the Blue Flash. I rode it a few years ago and he didn’t even charge us, although we did leave a donation for his second coaster “Blue Flash Too” which is now complete.

The car consists of a van seat that sits on top of a small cart with wheels. As I was about to ascend the track for the first time John casually instructed me to turn my head a certain way during the loop to prevent a sore neck. Well guess what, I could barely remember my name as I took the first drop and headed for the loop. Turn my head where, huh? Did he say left or right? Where am I, why am I doing this? If you look close you can see my head almost snap off, but it was worth it.

My first ride on the Blue Flash

Video of John and his creation. Please note, they are pretending this was his first ride. I know this because he told me he starting riding it before it was even finished. His first ride ended with him flying into the yard after the track ended.