1972 in the houseMy Granny went on a trip to England back in 1972 and brought back this gem of a dress. Actually, one for me and one for my sister so it’s a little fuzzy which one of us wore this exact one. The important thing here is that my mom hung on to it and here is my wee daughter wearing it in 2008! She wore it last year as a proper dress and now rocks it as a smocky top. Can we talk about the excellent pink paisley pattern? I cannot stress enough how happy I am when I put this top, my little yellow nightgown or any of my other childhood garments on my daughter. (The boys missed out) Heirlooms are one thing but to still have it worn is even cooler. So save whatever you love seeing your kids in and when you pass them on make sure you stress that they should be worn. They could end up on your grandchild someday looking completely awesome instead of stored in a box with moth balls.