Edgewater Antique Mall

Kent and I frequent (well, budget allowing) the Edgewater Antique Mall on Broadway in Chicago and I just feel like I need to shout to the heavens how great it is. So many treasures, so well priced. Any time I have ever been looking for a certain type of piece and I hit the many wonderful antique shops we have in this city, I ALWAYS end up scoring all I need and more from Edgewater. Take this “Gentleman’s Chest” for example. Flawless condition, completely fantastic and we got it during one of their amazing sales for only $350. Same day we picked up this crazy French oil painting, on sale, for $40 and to me it’s invaluable because it is for sure a portrait of my three babies; girl in the middle, long-haired boys on each side.

Brass GullsAnother trip we came home with the three brass birds – can’t remember for how much but undoubtedly they were a steal.

This place isn’t super big which for me is part of the charm. You don’t get overwhelmed while browsing the well organized booths. It’s nicely edited, well laid out and the owners are awesome – very funny and of course very helpful. So if you live in the Chicago area, don’t already know about it and are in need of some cool stuff for your pad – get on over there. ~ JF