I kind of hate it when people say “so and so is a genius” but in this case I think we can all agree it’s not just an expression. This is not breaking news. I am not going to bother listing Michel Gondry’s resume or anything like that because I really just wanted to post this video I had forgotten about. Gondry filmed this video in 1993 for the song Lucas with the Lid Off and I remember at the time as a recent film school grad being obsessed with it. You see, as a film student I knew EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. I was awesome and superior to other humans. Side note: I never made one film.

Anyway, this video is as beautiful to look at as it is fun to try and figure out. As far as I know it’s all one continuous shot.

And while I’m at it, can I just say that YouTube rules. I don’t think it has ever failed to deliver any random clip I had a whim to watch. – KR (I guess we are signing these now so Julia doesn’t have to be embarrassed when people think she is posting the crap I write about. She’s just jealous.)