Every time I purchase a Chick-O-Stick it is inevitable that the person I am with will make some HILARIOUS comment about how gross my candy choice is, something clever like “Chick-O-Stick? Gross!” HA HA HA! ZING!

Now, have these naysayers ever actually tried a Chick-O-Stick? Of course not and isn’t that the perfect way to formulate an opinion? Can you feel my anger and passion here people?

Let’s talk about how awesome my friend the Chick-O-Stick is. The candy has been produced by Texas based Atkinson’s Candy Company since the early 1930’s and is defined on the wrapper as “Crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut candy.” The best way to describe the Chick-O-Stick is it’s like a Butterfinger if you were to strip the chocolate off. The Chick-O-Stick is not as sweet and buttery though and kicks serious ass all over its imitator the Butterfinger. It’s so flaky and crunchy and like many classic candies has a delicate salty note. Although I often choose them as road trip candy they are notoriously messy and you can plan on eating pieces off your lap over the next few hours. The gift that keeps on giving! It’s like a delicious treasure hunt.

Until recently the packaging included a cartoon chicken which often confused people who thought that maybe it was chicken flavored candy or crackers. Come on people, are we really that easily confused?

Still wondering what to get me for Christmas (or my birthday that you so rudely forgot) – Chick-O-Stick T-shirt size Large

I will leave you with this challenge: Please try one if you have not already done so and leave a comment praising my impeccable taste in candy. If you have tried one already, please leave a comment and let the world know what you think.

I’m walking to Walgreens right now to buy me a stick or two!

– KR