My Dream

Should I be worried about this dream I had last night?

It was night and I was standing in front of my old apartment. There was a large tree with a medium sized dog tied to the trunk. Robert Downey Jr. stood next to me and we both looked to the night sky at two individuals floating in the air. One floating person was just some random blond guy but the other was Corey Haim. They were both wearing long black leather coats and their hair blew in the wind as they levitated above Robert and I. I never saw Lost Boys, could they fly? Did they wear long leather coats? Anyway, I was holding a gun and began to empty the ammunition into my other hand. For some reason the gun was loaded with coins. A gun that shoots coins may seem strange but not as strange as a gun loaded with raisins which is what I filled it with next. I pointed the gun in the air, aimed right at Corey Haim and fired a raisin at him. He reached out his hand and caught my flying raisin with ease and popped it in his mouth. Damn! I fired again but this time he caught the raisin in his mouth without even using his hands. This kid is good!

Then I woke up and drew this rendering of the entire scene. Anyone care to analyze this dream?

– KR