J.B. Hunt Trucking

Have you ever hated something so much and for so long that eventually you started loving it? That sums up my relationship with the J.B. Hunt logo. If you have ever been on a highway in America I’m sure you have seen the never ending parade of trucks proudly displaying this mess of a logo. I’m a big fan of road trips so I have seen this logo trucking past me at least 500 times, probably more. My obsession with how bad it is has given way to excitement every time I see it. It’s like finding a quarter or seeing a rainbow!

I’m sure J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: JBHT) is a great company to work for and based on their annual revenues of over $2 billion I’m guessing there is nothing they care less about than my opinion on their logo. I have a lot of respect for truckers, how hard they work and the vital role they play in our society so please understand this is only a rant about the logo. Oh god, THAT LOGO!

J.B. Hunt Logo

All right, lets take a look at this turd of a logo. Where do I start? What is the scroll doing there? My theory is that it all started with the scroll and it just got away from them. Perhaps it was a piece of clip art that someone fell in love with or maybe they saw a scroll-based logo belonging to another company and said “I want that!” Either way, it doesn’t really scream transportation. OK, we are stuck with the scroll but how can we really screw it up? I know, let’s put randomly spaced lines all over the place to really make it sing! Now I’m guessing they wanted the “J.B. Hunt” to look like it was actually ON the scroll but that’s a lot of work to get the angle right so we will just go ahead and plop it on top. Crap, it’s hard to read the name with all those lines under the text – I’ve got it, let’s just put a big awkward box behind it! Great! At this point we should step back and see what’s missing… think, think, there’s got to be some finishing touch we are missing. I KNOW, we’ll put a big ‘ol box around everything – done and done!

I love you J.B. Hunt logo and pray you are never updated. 10-4 good buddy.