We watch this video a lot at Fooey. A LOT!

The first time I saw this video on Mtv (remember when they played videos?) I assumed an actor was hired to portray the bike messenger singing his way through the streets of New York. I had never heard of the artist credited simply as “Thicke” so I really had nothing to go on. I thought both the song and video were awesome and loved it even more when I discovered the bike messenger actually was the real singer. But who was this so called “Thicke?” Well it turns out he’s the son of Alan Thicke of Growing Pains fame. WHAT, are you kidding me? With this new knowledge how could I not be obsessed?

Since the 2002 release of “When I get You Alone,” Thicke now goes by Robin Thicke and has good success on R&B and pop radio with his most recent album “The Evolution of Robin Thicke.” The biggest and most tragic change is that he has cut his long hair and now looks more like a generic pop star. The GENIUS of this video (directed by Matt Kirkby) is that it goes against every R&B music video cliché. You won’t find a single slow motion shot of exploding champagne or money raining from the sky. Rather than doing actual work, we talk at length about how much we love the way this video is shot and edited, especially little details like the “nah” in the elevator shot.

This song should have been a huge hit – WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

– KR