I am crap.

David Cook owes an apology to Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey for what he just did to “Baba O’Riley” on American Idol. While you’re at it David, go ahead and apologize to Keith Moon and John Entwistle even though they are dead. Then I want you to hop on a plane and personally apologize to me and my ears. Then fly home and apologize to your parents and one more time to Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey.

It’s not just this guy either, that suburban dreadlocked Jason whatever his last name is just butchered Bob Marley and then forgot the lyrics to “Mr. Tambourine Man.” And what’s with the 16 year old kid who desperately wants to be a 65 year old woman. Apologize!

They all suck so hard. What happened to music? Am I just getting old? NO! This crap is just crap and there needs to be some apologies flying all over the place, immediately!

I need something to cleanse my palate.

– KR