Tree house - day 1

We are embarking on what promises to be a doozy of a project this summer. A tree house in our back yard! Kent is quite serious about this sort of thing so that has earned him the privilege of helping us. He is in fact practically driving the whole damn thing, God love him. This reminds me of how we started Fooey – I was getting advice from him all the time and finally just asked him to go into business with me. Same thing here. We talked a lot about it and he had so many ideas about how it could be constructed, John and I decided he was key if it was ever going to become a reality. Sucker that Kent is he said yes, again. So we thought it would be fun to post each phase of the job so that anyone interested in doing something like this possibly has another resource. I say possibly because we have literally done one day’s worth of work and as you can see the structure is pretty abstract at this point.

The 14’x 9′ structure is going to consist of four posts that support the house 8 feet off the ground. We aren’t nailing to the tree directly because of its shape and the size of the tree house. There will be an enclosed area with several windows and a slanted roof on one side of the tree and on the other side of the tree’s “Y” there will be a balcony. It’s hard to describe but hopefully it will soon take shape.

The first day was important and time consuming because John and Kent needed to get the 4 concrete foundation footings in just the right spots to insure the frame will be square and plumb. Math, string and levels were involved but they mostly made it up as they went and could be heard saying “I think that should be good enough. Right?”

– JF