A Film About the Pixies

We love the Pixies. We LOOOVE the Pixies! They are one of those rare bands that sound like nothing before them and is impossible to imitate. They are easily one the the greatest bands ever. Great art seems to thrive on conflict and dysfunction and it was ultimately this discord within the band that led to the end of the Pixies in 1993. It was one of those breakups that felt permanent and a reunion seemed as likely as Flavor Flav actually finding love on TV. Oh wait, I think that actually just happened, sort of. Well, it just seemed impossible.

Hold on, what’s this? The Pixies are getting together for a reunion tour (that was me talking to myself in 2004). So yeah, it happened and in 2004 they went on tour. A very successful tour as a matter of fact. In chicago for example, they sold out 5 nights at the 4,500 person capacity Aragon Ballroom. Yes, we were there and yes, they ruled.

The reunion tour was documented in the film “loudQUIETloud: A Film About the Pixies” which is now available on DVD and we are officially recommending. No, we are DEMANDING that you see it! It’s a fascinating look into the more mature but still dysfunctional band and their strange dynamic. Just rent it already, geez!

Here they are back in 1988 ruling so hard it hurts. I love this song so much it makes me want to eat my computer.

– KR