Tree House Day 2

Day two was when the real fun started and the scale of the structure was first realized. Although the pouring of the foundation on day one was important it’s just not as fun as getting to saw lumber and drive some nails and screws. Today we became men! I should mention this is Kent writing not Julia, she is still a woman.

John and I had to balance our excitement and eagerness to use the rented nail gun with the reality of keeping this rather large structure safe and sound. We began by bolting the 4×4 posts to the cement foundation. That step was easy but once they were up we needed to take our time and make sure our frame design was adequate. After making only a few small tweaks to our original idea we began to construct the skeleton out of 2×6 pressure treated lumber. With the addition of each 2×6 the frame became more and more stable and we worked hard to keep everything level and plumb. To attach the main elements of the frame we used heavy duty bolts for extra safety and stability. Remember, the floor is going to be 8 feet off the ground.

By the end of the day we had a basic frame constructed and the kids began to get excited because the tree house was no longer an abstract series of concrete posts in the ground and lumber waiting to be used in the garage. The big debate at this time is where to put the trap door for the stairs and exactly how to safely construct this door. We are trying to think of every possible scenario in order avoid any smashed fingers or accidental trips to the ground through an open trap door. I’m still not sure we have a great plan for this aspect of the tree house but the kids have demanded a trap door.

This sucker is looking pretty sweet though and John and I have already discussed how easily we could run power for a TV in the tree house. We might end up using it more than the kids.

Raspberry! Foundation 4x6s going up Fondation Taking shape Tree house frame Tree house frame Why so angry Kent?

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– KR