Tree House

Sorry to get so behind in our posts… summer and all. My sister and brother-in-law were in town for several days so we took advantage of the fact that he’s an architect and builder and blasted through a ton of work. At this point our tree house is fully functioning but not fully completed.

There was one big long day with lots of rain. A good amount of time was spent cutting lumber in our garage but the guys (Marc, John and Kent) were up there even in the rain while my sis and I watched from the kitchen. Dedication! Over the course of a few days they constructed the whole back railing for the “balcony”, completed the main walls including all the randomly placed windows, installed extra support beams with cement feet and last but not least… the trap door and ladder! Fin (7) was essential to the railing. Marc measured out and spaced the pieces and Fin drilled most of the holes. Kent worked on constructing the walls and windows. John constructed the ladder. Put a handle on the trap door and boom! The kids are up there a lot. I’m finding it’s getting easier each day to watch them going up and down. The 2 year old is the one to keep an eye on – she of course thinks she can do everything her big brothers do and she’s actually pretty good on the ladder but I still stand there with her all the same, afraid she’ll lose her footing.

Up next is a biggie: the roof! We’ve gone back and forth between these cool shade systems we found and an actual hard, integral roof. We decided on the regular roof, although it will be the hardest part possibly. I am wanting some sort of wooden/cedar shingle treatment – not asphalt but I need to do some research. Then the all-important pulley system for the bucket. Currently the bucket is flying out of a window and then manually yanked up sans pulley. Stay tuned! It’s getting close…

– JF