FooeyFooey was launched in 2003 by two young rascals with sad faces and big eyes. Okay, that’s not entirely true but it is close. Here’s the real story. Julia, an executive producer for one of Chicago’s top advertising post-production companies and a mother of 2 (now 3), saw there was a void in children’s clothes that needed to be filled. She sought business advice from her friend Kent, who was not only an all around great guy but just happened to own a graphic design company. After a few months of discussing this new company idea with Kent, Julia decided to ask him if he wanted to be a co-owner. Kent thought about it for about 10 seconds (to build drama) and happily said yes! The next several months were too boring to write about. Paper work, tax forms, bank loans. Fast forward to Julia’s sister Amy coming up with the name Fooey (thanks Amy), the premier of their first line and the launch of at the end of 2003.

After a only a few months of existence Fooey landed some big name customers like Madonna, Kate Hudson, Sharon Stone and Brooke Shields and appeared in the pages of People, US Weekly, Parents, Child and Bust magazines. Fooey clothes even made some appearances on Mtv, VH1 and TLC’s “Miami Ink.” Kent and Julia immediately got huge heads and thought they were super cool for rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite. They began traveling exclusively in stretch limos, throwing one hundred dollar bills out the windows everywhere they went. Kent replaced his eyes with diamonds. Real diamonds!

That last part was exaggerated (barely) but the rest is all true.

Fooey is dedicated to creating clothes for infants and toddlers with a design sensibility that fuses a parent’s sense of style with a child’s sense of fun and wonderment. It is a children’s line that kids love to wear and adults wish they could wear. Fooey creates custom body styles and a wide array of exclusively dyed colors.

In keeping with Fooey’s dedication to affordable design, Julia and Kent have begun working with some of their favorite artists to bring their customers exciting new items like beautiful hand silk-screened posters and original one-of-a-kind paintings. In 2007 Fooey introduced their new teen & adult line at